Claire Wallman


Her passion for photography began at an early age, when she picked up a camera for the first time and started experimenting with themes and lighting.

At twenty one she started her own business, Claire Wallman Photography. Originally taking on small corporate clients, she soon picked up a strong understanding of the business qualities required for her work, and what area of photography she wanted to focus on.

To this day she hasn’t looked back, moving from strength to strength. Challenging people along the way, always taking her photography to that next level.

Focusing on the fashion editorial world and her exploration with themes, it has inspired the unique creations seen in her daily work. A strong pursuit of perfection and a lust for learning means Claire spends all her spare time working relentlessly on her ever-improving portfolio.

She is the Creative Visual Manager at The Iconic, where she enjoys working with a great creative team, shooting and producing all the creative visuals for this ever growing empire.